Meet Jack, the son of U.S. Army Veterans Wendi, and Ryan.

While Operation Outdoors is all about the veteran, we also recognize that what we do should extend to the immediate family members of those who have served our great nation.

So many of our veterans have given so much, and they still want to give back to their kids or loved ones, and we are truly blessed to be apart of that experience.

We would like to introduce you to Jack, the son of U.S. Army Veterans Wendi and Ryan.

Jack was super excited for the chance to get out on a kayak with Team Wisconsin, and they knew just the water to get him on. While they had a beautiful day of learning, some days you simply cannot get hose fish to bite.

Field Team Leader, and Wisconsin volunteer Brad Hurlebaus was able to impart some fishing knowledge and education to Jack, including kayak safety, maneuvering, and of course, basic techniques specific to targeting big bass.

Because we serve the immediate family of veterans, Operation Outdoors is provided an amazing platform to educate the next generation of outdoorsman; a profound privilege we are super excited about.

Operation Outdoors is a Veteran operated 501(c) (3) not for profit, with a mission to enrich the lives of military veterans and their immediate family by creating opportunities to experience the freedom and wellness that the outdoors provides

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