Meet our team

Warren Gold |Co Founder / U.S. Army Veteran

Warren brings business acumen and creative vision to the organization. He has been a driving force behind the organizations growth from a social platform to a 501(c) (3), and if you spend any time at all speaking with him, it is quickly evident that he is very passionate about the work he does to get Veterans into the outdoors to experience the freedom and well-being it provides.

RJ Hillman |Co Founder / U.S. Army Veteran

RJ Hillman spent most of his early years with a fishing rod in hand. His Grandfather was a huge influence in his life teaching RJ the early fundamentals of fishing. In 2011 RJ enlisted in the US Army as a Combat Medic. When he got out of the military, he was intrigued by the growing sport of kayak fishing and purchased his first kayak almost immediately after completing his active duty service. Little did he know at the time, but the purchase of that kayak would ignite a flame and passion for a sport with incredible potential.

Chris Aguirre |Field Support Team Leader

For Chris, being able to share his passion for the outdoors by introducing Veterans to it, and letting them share in those experiences, means so much more than simply saying “Thank you for your service”. Chris supports the Regional Coordinator’s and is integral to

Bryan Herr |Support Staff & Trip Guide – Texas / U.S. Navy Veteran

Bryan’s passion for the outdoors would not be possible without the sacrifices made by the Veterans that came before him. He is truly grateful that through Operation Outdoors, he is able to share his time in the outdoors, as well as his knowledge and experiences to help a Veteran in catching a fish of a lifetime.

Darrell Cureton |Regional Coordinator – Missouri / U.S. Army Veteran

Darrel is driven to change the lives of those who served by giving back and creating a sense of freedom for them in the outdoors. Darrell supports the Regional Coordinator teams ensuring the success of their outings.

SFC Aaron Sims |Regional Coordinator – Missouri / U.S. Army

Aaron is truly passionate about the friendships, camaraderie, and fellowship that Operation Outdoors creates for those who have served. Getting to share fishing and hunting with Veterans makes being a Regional Coordinator easy. Aaron manages a volunteer team in Missouri.

Jeremy Mitchell |Regional Coordinator – Missouri / U.S. Army Veteran

Jeremy is proud to be able to share his passion for the outdoors by creating amazing trips that introduce Veterans to fishing and hunting. He is truly thankful that Operation Outdoors creates a social platform for Veterans to connect with other like minded Veterans.

Freddie Garza |Regional Coordinator – Georgia / U.S. Army Veteran

Freddie’s passion for kayak fishing began on a personal level, after personal and professional challenges occurred in his life. Fishing was an outlet to re-set his stress level, not knowing at the time that it was actually helping him with his anxiety and depression. Ultimately, his hobby became a resource for him to be able to help military personnel as they returned home from deployment.

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